24hr Control Centre

All our services are supported by our own 24hr Control Centre which is manned by qualified, experienced personnel tasked with overseeing operations and providing a communication interface between our security staff, emergency services and the customer.

In accordance with BS7984 requirements, we shall hold the necessary key sets in a safe and secure environment at our 24hr Control Centre and act as your primary key holder and respond to notified alarm activations on your behalf.

In the event of your alarm being activated, we shall attend your premises, verify the cause of the activation and take the necessary steps to re-secure your premises.

Benefits of the service:-

  • Professional service with absolute integrity
  • Remove the risk of injury to your own staff attending the premises
  • Secure key management
  • Compliant with insurers
  • Guaranteed response
  • Detailed attendance report sent on the next working day

Mobile Patrols are a cost effective, highly visible deterrent option offered at a fraction of the cost of a full-time security officer.

In line with each customer’s specific requirements, our Mobile Patrol officers in clearly marked vehicles will carry out a pre-arranged number of random timed inspections that may also include a variety of valued added services aimed at preventing or reducing loss.

Accurate data of each patrol can be provided and the use of security warning signage on the exterior of a building can be an effective deterrent.

Void (Vacant) Property Inspections

When premises become vacant the risks increase significantly. Existing insurance may no longer be valid and premiums on unoccupied premises can be costly.

Our Void (Vacant) Property Inspections can be tailored to suit the requirements of the customer and the insurance company in the following manner:-

Physical external/internal check of the property for:

  • Damage or theft
  • Squatters or evidence of illegal entry
  • Removal of mail
  • Reading of the utility meters
  • Granting access to contractors, marketing companies etc

Locking & Unlocking

Today’s flexible working conditions may mean that employees do not wish the responsibility of securing or opening their premises.

Our Lock & Unlock Service takes ownership of such duties away from the customer at the beginning and end of the day, giving peace of mind that a professional party is charged with this responsibility.

Depending on flexibility, we can offer a range of options within a specific time frame, ranging from an agreed time to a more flexible slot every day.

Depending on flexibility, we can offer a range of Lock & Unlock options within a specific time frame, ranging from an agreed time to a more flexible slot every day.

Lone Worker Monitoring

New provisions within The Health & Safety at Work Act are explicit in giving companies a Duty of Care to protect their workforce operating alone.

Health & Safety is a major concern for all organisations employing workers in isolated environments.

Workers must be monitored so their safety and well-being can be assured. Our Lone Worker Monitoring Service provides welfare checks to your personnel at specific time frame periods.


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